Wednesday, January 15, 2014

CM Arvind Kejriwal on Bigg Boss 8: our wish list for Next 8 Season

Salman Khan has aforesaid Season seven may be his last because the host of the truth show. he's non-committal, however we would like the Dabangg Khan to continue on the show together with his merry ways in which.

Here’s our listing for Season eight of the show that invariably introduces North American nation to wannabes and polemical
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Arvind Kejriwal

Why: he's a promising leader and has brought a modification within the approach politics is perceived within the country. Kejriwal isn't in would like of promotion, however it certain are fun to look at the activist-politician in as heavy associate degree surroundings because the Bigg Boss house. In changing into Delhi’s youngest chief minister, Kejriwal has shown he will handle mind games. Would be attention-grabbing to envision if the remainder of the contestants will handle him.

S Sreesanth

Why: The IPL spot-fixing scandal has spoilt the career of the pace bowler UN agency had a peach of associate degree outswinger. He had a torrid 2013 professionally, however has salvaged somewhat within the personal area by obtaining married. he's illegal from the sport he loves, he's emotional (Slapgate: once Sreesanth’s tears flowed.), opinionative and has dances moves still.

Overall, a reasonably flamable combination. Alone within the house while not gadgets and make contact with with the surface world might bring out a aspect the audience can lick.

Raghu Ram

Why: The MTV Roadies host has all the abuses in his vocabulary and also the fighting spirit to be within the house. He can provoke folks, trigger fights and provides back pretty much as good as he gets so some additional. Raghu fits the bill. we tend to surprise why he hasn’t already been on the show!

Uday Chopra

Why: Okay, we tend to agree he's not diverting. however he has tried all his luck. The guy even tweeted regarding retiring from acting! He might use this show to showcase himself. we tend to area unit certain he might do one thing like Aijaz Khan’s makes an attempt at diverting the audience. Kya Mummy! after all, his presence can herald somewhat of history — his with Tanisha — into Season eight. 

Digvijaya Singh

Why: The Congress general secretary excels at mouthing the foremost polemical of remarks. Few escape his jibes. He attracts the foremost hostile of reactions, however isn't stalled. observation him facing some supercilious comments within the Bigg Boss house would be fun. build no mistake, he's a seasoned politician and his comebacks can be legendary.

Will Ranbir Kapoor Replace Salman Khan as Host in Bigg Boss Season 8?

Just after we thought that we'd seen the tip of Bigg Boss, and were through with all the scandals, affairs and lip locks amongst alternative things, Bigg Boss eight started creating news. we have a tendency to hear that Ranbir Kapoor is set to exchange Salman Khan because the new host of Bigg Boss eight.

There are varied rumours already that Salman has been biased towards contestants on the show, and so, has received lots of flak. Salman, in Associate in Nursing interview even aforesaid that he doesn’t wish to continue because the host of Bigg Boss any longer.

The adept, WHO has been hosting Bigg Boss for the past four seasons, has been the simplest host thus far and additionally has crazy tricks up his sleeve to stay the audiences hooked. we have a tendency to therefore don’t wish him to get replaced.

Buzz is that Ranbir Kapoor has been approached to host Season eight of Bigg Boss. If the actor accepts, then this may be his tiny screen debut. however does one suppose Ranbir has what it takes to stay the show as attention-grabbing as Salman did?

Bollywood Star Salman Khan Not Hosting Bigg Boss 8 and Ranbir Kapoor Might Replace Him?

Ranbir Kapoor

First Katrina Kaif and currently Bigg Boss, Ranbir Kapoor appears to air a mission to require over Salman Khan's conquests. The Besharam actor has reportedly been approached to host the forthcoming season eight of well-liked Indian reality show, Bigg Boss.

According to a report in alphabetic character News, as Salam Khan has refused to host consecutive season of the show, the producers have set to rope within the young whizz Ranbir to fill the void.

Bollywood heavyweight Salman Khan hosted Bigg Boss for the last four seasons, topping TRP ratings and creating it one amongst the foremost well-liked Indian TV shows worldwide.

However, thanks to variations with the channel and production team, the actor reportedly declared that he won't be returning within the capability of a number for consecutive season. another excuse for his departure from the show is claimed to be as a result of he desires to think about his new TV project supported social causes.

Ranbir Kapoor
Varinder Chawla
Ranbir Kapoor
If things total, Ranbir Kapoor can become the primary among the new generation of actors to host a television show. antecedently huge names like Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan, Aamir Khan and a lot of recently Anil Kapoor have created their presence felt on TV.

The recently terminated Bigg Boss seven became India's most polemical and volatile reality show. The contestants' also as host Salman Khan's antics created quite stir, reports film industry life.

The Jai metal star was suspect of being biased towards bound contestants, following that he received lots of negative criticism by fans and viewers over social media. The reports and accusations irked him to the extent that, on variety of occasions throughout the show, the actor explicit that this (season 7) would be his last season as a number.